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Planet Polyester Hold All
Planet Polyester Carry All
Planet Polyester Drawstring Backpack
Planet Polyester Musette (Messenger)
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Lightweight polyester is very durable, very strong and can be easily dyed, screen printed and sublimated.


It is not natural or biodegradable, but with good design, one polyester bag can replace literally thousands of single-use plastic bags, which make this fabric one of the best available for the 'eco bag' category.

Planet Polyester Bags can be quickly and easily scrunched up into their tiny storage pouch.  This means, that, in practice they ARE repacked and carried in a handbag or a coat pocket – so are always there, even on an un-planned stop at the shops.

Imagine how well your brand is represented when someone can say “I don't need a plastic bag thanks, I have brought my own” at the checkout!

We have 3 main styles – the HoldAll, the CarryAll and the BackPack.  These styles are tried, tested and very popular but we are always happy to custom make for different designs.

Another key benefit of Polyester is that it can be easily printed with full colour, complex graphics across the entire bag surface using DYE SUBLIMATION (minimum order 5000).


100% RECYCLED POLYESTER is also an option.

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Artwork Preparation

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