Jute Bags


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more about Jute


Jute fabric is eco-friendly and completely biodegradable.  It grows faster than Cotton allowing for faster harvest times and does not require pesticides or fertilisers.


It is therefore 100% organic.


Jute is also grown on land that is not otherwise suitable for food crops, and does not need any additional irrigation.


Thus, we view Jute as having the lightest possible environmental footprint of all bag fabrics.


Bags made of Jute are incredibly hard wearing and long lasting.


They hold their shape, making them easy to pack full of groceries and with good graphic design, Jute Bags can also be really, really beautiful.


Planet Eco Bags are always made using 15x14 grade Jute – this has a good, tight weave, which is why our Jute Bags look better and last longer than other brands.


When printing onto Jute Bags, bear in mind that it does have a rough surface texture – so “bold is best” – we recommend a minimum 3.5mm stroke size for perfect reproduction. This is particularly relevant when we are printing pale colours, as these require a thicker ink mixture than darker colours.