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Planet Canvas Market Bag
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Planet Canvas Tote Bag
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NATURAL COTTON – also known as CALICO in natural unbleached format – is the faithful old labrador of the branded bag industry. Economical, strong, reliable and easy to manage.


Many cotton bags are made in a low grade 140gsm unbleached cotton – some are even as thin as 110gsm. Whilst the low grade fabric may look OK at first, it will shrink & distort when washed and if printed with more than one colour, the ink may seep through the fabric and stick the bag together.

We often ask ourselves “why would someone print THEIR BRAND on such a low grade bag?"

ALL Planet Cotton bags are made in high grade 150gsm cotton. Inside seams are fully overlocked to prevent fraying and the handles are a good, comfortable 30mm wide (some cheap bags have handles as narrow as 20mm – little wonder they don't get used...)

ALL Planet Cotton bags are made in socially compliant, ETI approved factories.


Decent & safe working conditions, fair pay and full environmental management.


We wish we could say the same for some of the 'other' cotton bags in the market.


When cotton threads are woven more tightly to give a denser fabric, it is then called CANVAS – most commonly made in 275gsm fabric weight (also called 10oz canvas).

Whatever fabric weight is used, the handles should ALWAYS be attached to the top of the bag using a X stitch – if they are not X stitched , the handle will tear away from the top seam.

So...choose your cotton bag carefully to make sure that what you get creates a genuinely positive outcome – not only for your brand, but also for the broader community and the environment.

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